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July 29, 2010


In response to recent comments we will be adding a recommendation that as the city grows it should evaluate opportunities for water features or construction of a pool.
Thank you for taking the time to become involved in the Planning of Grimes.

July 28th Comment 3

Please include a community pool in your plan! Include good play area for small children somewhat separate from the big kid areas. Thanks!

July 28th Comment 2

The City of Grimes needs a community pool. The city is growing expedentially and the opportunities for our children need to grow as well. Please consider adding a pool to our growth plan!

Kennybrook Estates Resident

July 28th Comment 1

What about revisiting a community swimming pool for the city of grimes. There are communities all over the state of Iowa that are similar in size and are able to accomodate a swimming pool. I think the key to doing this is remembering our size and what we want to be...we don't need to be Clive or West Des Moines but stick to what has attracted residents to Grimes--being a SMALL TOWN!

I was excited to see a neighborhood park for the Kennybrook neighborhood in the plans as the neighborhood is a very young and active neighborhood.

July 15, 2010

Draft Document

The latest version of the Grimes Comprehensive Plan is now available for review.

Grimes Plan
Future Land Use Map