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Trail & Bike Plan

I totally approve of the trails & bike draft concept.
It is needed badly.
Richard Cain

Trail & Bike Plan

I think one of the best things that Hays can do to improve its quality of life is add hiking/biking trails, lots of community greenspace (besides just soccer fields) and trees.

I do have one question. Its great that there will be a designated path that will curve around the back side of campus. But why doesn't it continue northward past Hwy 40? As many people already know, there is a natural path there that winds around behind TMP. That path would give many more residents access to the pathway system. I know there are railroad tracks there at Hwy 40, but isn't there any way that the path can cross them? James Alberto

Thank you for the post. The suggestion for trail access behind TMP is very good and one we are considering for the final plan recommendations.

Development Plan

I am very excited about the prospect of clustered community development and pedestrian/bike friendly travel! Hays is a bit scary for riding a bike, but these changes and additions could really make a difference in traffic levels and the community health and well-being! Jordana LaFantasie

Trail & Bike Plan

I am so happy that someone or some people are finally taking it seriously that cyclists need open space on the road where they can ride SAFELY. I can't tell you how many times I have almost been hit due to the carelessness of a driver. This is absolutely thrilling!!! The plans all look great and it's a wonderful start!  Tori North