Draft Documents

Hays Plan DRAFT

Housing Assessment

On June 18th a Strategic Housing Assessment Study  was presented to the Hays Board of Realtors. The report provides an overview of the city's demographics and strategies for addressing key community housing issues. 

Plan Draft

The DRAFT Hays Plan: A Comprehensive Plan for the City of Hays is now available for review. For your convenience individual chapters can be downloaded below. The Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on the Plan on June 18th. More information on this meeting can be found on the City of Hays website at http://www.haysusa.com/

Section One:
Introduction & Chapter 1: A Profile of Hays (11mb Adobe Acrobat Reader file)
Chapter 2: A Land Use Profile of Hays (12mb Adobe Acrobat Reader file)
Chapter3: Public Facilities, Parks, Transportation & Infrastructure  (8mb Adobe Acrobat Reader file)

Section Two:
Chapter4: A Vision For Hays (3mb Adobe Acrobat Reader file)
Chapter5: The Development Vision (7mb Adobe Acrobat Reader file)
Chapter6: Key Districts (4mb Adobe Acrobat Reader file)
Chapter7: Implementation (2mb Adobe Acrobat Reader file)

Land Use Concept

The concept below illustrates a land use framework for the future of Hays. This is a DRAFT concept and open for public comment. Please share your comments by selecting on the "Give Your Input" link to the left.


View a larger image of the map with this link.