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2016 RDG Design Residency

Bin(ge): Repurposing an icon


For the 2016 Design Residency, we attempted our first rural project site and design challenge: to transform three unused grain bins into new useful spaces for the Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt. We worked closely with staff from Polk County Conservation, the owner of the 8,300-acre park, to develop the site into the welcome center first prescribed from the previously developed master plan. We brought in nine of the best graduate students in the country to Iowa (many for the first time) to explore not only the site, but the people and culture of the agrarian Midwest as well.

Read about their vision here...

What is the RDG
Design Residency?

The RDG Design Residency was born out of an interest of design practitioners, within a design firm, to give back to the community by offering opportunity to college students. The Design Residency invites student and practitioners from varying disciplines to work hand-in-hand through a process that is founded upon collaboration, community and multi-disciplinary design.

For more information, please contact Hans Klein-Hewett