Wauwatosa North Avenue Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan

Wauwatosa, WI

Services provided on this project:

Community Planning Overview:

Many people who love North Avenue in Wauwatosa, and are its natural supporters, believe that it falls short of its potential. They believe that long-term success lies in viewing the East Tosa district as a destination--a place that people go to, rather than move through. The vision statement of the North Avenue Neighborhood Alliance expresses the potential of the trade district succinctly--"East Tosa is a progressive, walkable, urban community offering niche shopping and dining experiences interconnecting with vibrant, established neighborhoods." One of the most difficult challenges in accomplishing this vision is North Avenue's length--it is very difficult to maintain cohesion in a sixteen block linear district. In developing a coordinated approach for the plan, RDG was able to organize positive development of North Avenue as an integral part of Wauwatosa and the Milwaukee metropolitan region. This came from the insights and participation of people with the greatest stake in its future--its businesses and residents.