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Art Studio :: RDG Planning & Design
VIDEO - Night Lights: Healing Shelters - Rochester, Minnesota
Convergence - Marston Welcome Center - Marston, Missouri
RDG Dahlquist Art Studio
VIDEO - From Here to There: High Trestle Trail Bridge - Madrid, Iowa
Iowa DOT - Adair Rest Area Video
"Confluence" - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
RDG Dahlquist Art Studio
Calgary Martindale LRT Station - Video
South Omaha Streetscape Revitalization - Omaha, Nebraska
South Omaha Streetscape Revitalization - Omaha, Nebraska

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Create. Meaning. Together.

To bring into being…a deeper level of understanding…with each other.

The work of David B. Dahlquist and RDG Dahlquist Art Studio is a thoughtful integration into public and private spaces within architecture and the landscape.

Our work depends upon many different elements “orchestrated” in a way in which the public is welcomed into and moved by the experience. In the process, we create memorable destinations and exciting new places.

From Here to There: High Trestle Trail Bridge Public Art Installation

High Trestle Trail Bridge Artwork

Experience this iconic public art installation for yourself! Watch the video.

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RDG Art Education

RDG Art Education

Did you know we offer classes at our studio? Check out our list of current offerings!

CODAmagazine Feature Project

Beneath the Whispering Maples

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